Claim back up to 86.5% of your investments in the form of Tax Reliefs

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a tax relief designed to incentivise private investors to invest into startups and early-stage companies. It can reduce your capital at risk to less than 40% of the amount you invest through income tax relief (at 30%) and loss relief

  • You gain access to investments in early-stage companies.
  • You can claim up to 30% income tax relief, provided the investment is held for a minimum of three years.
  • There’s the potential for 100% relief on inheritance tax (available after you’ve held the investment for two years and provided shares are still held at time of your death).
  • You have the opportunity to defer a capital gain and eliminate it entirely if your EIS shares are still held at death.
  • The investor may not have more than a 30% interest in the company
  • No partner or associate of the investor (including spouse, relations, prior business contacts) may have other interests in the company
  • The investor must not have any form of preferential shares
  • The investor must not have any other form of controlling interest in the company
  • The scheme must not be used for the purposes of avoiding tax

The latest government figures released in May 2020 state 31,365 individual companies received investment through the EIS, and £22 billion of funds have been raised. These companies range from small ‘friends and family’ rounds, business angel investments where individuals are contributing skill as well as funding, through to formal public offers and EIS funds. The number of professionally managed EIS/SEIS funds is growing and the sector is becoming more established.

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Who is the Enterprise Investment Advisory?

The Enterprise Investment Advisory (EIA) was set up by a number of experienced investment advisors from the United Kingdom Asset Company with the aim of providing both information on and access to new and exciting investment opportunities with innovative U.K. businesses looking to grow and expand using investment capital under the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme.
We introduce our clients to the best and most dynamic U.K. start-up companies who excel in their particular field and provide our clients with tax efficient opportunities to maximise returns. In short, our team is both experienced and driven and perfectly positioned to provide investment opportunities at the grass roots level.
We are proud to work with some of the U.K.’s most exciting young companies within many different sectors, all of which have the highest green and ethical credentials.

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